Our solutions

Our vision is to support increased organizational productivity through the use of information and communication technology.


Our Solutions - For Government

At Payvision Plus, we collaborate with government agencies to re-engineer their daily operations by building IT capabilities which are in tune with today’s digital era.


Our Solutions - For Business

We understand that high performing organizations must align people, process and technology to deliver the better experiences to their clients.


VAT Automation System

Our fully automated VAT (Value Added Tax) system is designed to calculate statutory deductions and remittances for of consumption tax.


Stamp Duty Automation

Our stamp duty automation service allows citizens to register, submit, process and make payment for documents requiring stamp duty.


Enrollment & Identity Management System

Our integrated enrollment and identity management software is designed to collect, capture, store, and manage biometric data including pictures, fingerprints, and other general information.


Payroll Automation System

Our trusted and reliable framework is designed to manage the complexity of high volume payroll functions such as that of the federal government.