Our Solutions - For Government

Re-engineering daily operations in today’s digital era.

At Payvision Plus, we collaborate with government agencies to re-engineer their daily operations by building IT capabilities which are in tune with today’s digital era.

The world is fast transitioning to a paperless system and our government institutions, particularly those responsible for revenue collection must not be left behind. Electronic revenue collection in developing countries has gained increasing prominence in the policy debate recently and has proven to be a more efficient and less costly approach. Revenue collection is critical to every nation’s economic growth, specifically in Nigeria’s climate where policies are geared towards diversifying our revenue sources.

Digitizing government functions reduces bureaucracy, promotes citizen compliance and improves the entire experience for both employees and citizens.

Our extensive expertise in this domain enables us to help government agencies save time and simplify their processes by deploying automation systems that ensure revenue collection is accurate and secure.

Our e-governance solutions are designed to boost capacity, promote interagency collaboration, deliver enhanced services to citizens and ensure security and data protection. These solutions are tailored to fit the unique needs of each organization operating in various fields such as licensing, taxation, healthcare etc.